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Allergy Free Gardening

Allergy Free Gardening
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If you are suffering from allergies, tree and plant pollen may be the reason.


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Music from Mark Flanagan & Tommy Ogren

A few years ago musician Mark Flanagan asked me to write him some lyrics for new songs. I told him, “Mark I don’t know anything about writing songs!”

He said, “That doesn’t matter. You’re a storyteller, a writer. Just write something that tells a story; you do that and I’ll write the music to your words.” And with that I became a songwriter!

I wrote most of these songs sitting around by myself next to some lonely campfire off in the mountains or desert. A lot of them I wrote as I drove down the highway,  out in the middle of nowhere, making notes on a legal pad as I cruised along at 70 miles per hour.

On some of the songs we’ve got my little sister, Mary Rose “Mush” Ogren O’Leary singing lead or backup, and her voice is just awesome! On some other songs I collaborated with Mark’s twin brother, Mitch, who is also a fine guitar picker and song writer. In some of these his wife, Jennifer, is singing backup for him, and she does a great job.

Mark and I were going to go out on the road and play this music live, but one day he was offered a good, steady job (the bane of all songwriters!) as a music teacher. Since then we haven’t done much in the way of cranking out new music. I’m putting this page together because I feel this music is just too good to never be heard. With a little luck, maybe we’ll get discovered, and then we really could take this show on the road! Thanks for listening.

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